Workplace Culture & Well-Being Coaching (WCWC)

"I believe two of the most critical components of a successful organization is the well-being of the employees and the environment in which they work. "

~Tamekia MizLadi Smith 



DEI&C Coaching

  • When it comes to creating a safe space work environment Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Cultural Competency all play a critical role.

Laser Peer Coaching

  •  “Laser Peer Coach” is the next level in Peer Supporting because it allow your employees to not only encouegae their peers but to also empower. 

iLEAD Management Coaching

  • Strong leaders produce strong leaders and the iLEAD coaching session is designed to allow leaders to value and empower human capital.


Team Building Coaching

  • Some teams in an organization need more assistance than others focusing on that team and bring them to a productive level is key to building a culture.

Employee Individual Coaching

  • It may not be the whole team but perhaps some employees can use some coaching to pull out their fullest potential.

Emotional Well-being Coaching

  • Removing stigmas and cultivating the WHOLE employee mind, body and soul is the heartbeat of wellbeing.


Business, Book or Project Idea Coaching

  • Some people are in the "process of becoming" and all they need is a little help with writing the vision and mapping out the strategic plan. As a coach, Tamekia can assist with cultivating your wildest ideas, taking them from paper to reality.